Hey! I’m Patricia. I’m a Native Coloradan. Born and raised just a quick drive away from the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. I spend most of my time with my partner in crime, Sarianna. She’s my wonderful sidekick in all the travel shenanigans I get into. We both share a love for going new places and trying new things.

Sara and I Collage
I have a blue heeler/border collie mix named Daenerys (Dany). I own a Subaru. I wear North Face stuff. I hike. I enjoy craft beer. All typical of a Coloradan, I know.


If you love to travel and learn about new places, you’ll feel right at home here on my site! 

My goal in starting this travel blog is for you to find helpful posts, videos, PDFs, etc. about certain travel destinations I have visited. I enjoy helping people out with any travel questions they may have. If you have a question, shoot me a message on my contact page! There is a possibility I may have been through the same thing on my travels.

I’ve been a few places here and there, but I am by no means an expert in the whole traveling department. I’m still learning. Every day. Learn with me!  Stay up to date with my travels and subscribe. I’m here to share my experiences with you as I discover new things and go new places.

GetRootless.com was launched in July of 2017. I felt like I needed to share my travels with the world and possibly help people with their travel questions, frustrations, ideas, and even need for suggestions. I knew that a blog would be the best platform to do so. So here it is! 

Learn more about why I fell in love with traveling here in my first blog post.

If this blog has helped you in any way, say hey! Let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

If you have any questions, send me a message!


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“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” -Robert Louis Stevenson

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