Have you been debating on whether or not to spend a chunk of cash on an action video camera? Is it worth it, you ask?

It is! Trust me!

Document your adventures!

Have you ever returned from a wonderful vacation missing the feeling that you had when you went ziplining, waterfall jumping, scuba diving, or snorkeling, etc? Do you want to brag to your colleagues about the amazing vacation you just went on but words just don’t begin to describe it’s epic-ness?  

A nice action camera that captures these unforgettable adventures would be just the thing to do that! Why don’t you get yourself or your loved one a GoPro and you can look back at all these great memories, share them with people, and enjoy all the ones to come!

GoPro now has the amazing Hero 5 Black on the market. With this release they have dropped the overall price by a whopping $100 from their previous model price! That means a better camera with more features for $100 less! You can’t beat that!The best thing about getting a GoPro as your action camera of choice is the WIDE variety of accessories offered.

There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a surfer, snowboarder, kayaker, scuba diver, cliff jumper, aerial photographer, or just an adventure loving fool, like me. Of course, GoPro has their tried-and-true official accessories, but more and more are becoming available from third-party sellers these days as well. 

From the Karma Stabilizer Grip (official) to the Floating Telescoping Pole (third party), options for GoPro accessories are absolutely endless. You can even get a harness to attach it to you dog! Genius!

There are also accessory kits that include various accessories, but watch out, some of these aren’t of the greatest quality. You may buy a kit of 20 accessories and only three are worth a damn. Make sure to read reviews of these products before buying them.

I’ll start off with the Karma Stabilizer Grip (above). This magical piece of equipment is a must have! When I first got my GoPro, I struggled for a while with image stabilization. Even the new image stabilization feature that the new Hero 5 is equipped with just isn’t good enough for me. When sped-up the lack of stabilization is dizzying. I don’t know about you, but I want my videos to be crisp and smooth, not twitchy. I even attempted my fill of image stabilization software… Mind numbing. I’m not about that life… Ain’t nobody got time for that! So I got the Karma. Heck. Why not? After messing around with it a few times doing different things I found the quality of the stabilization to be amazing. Worth it.  Will post videos soon with the Karma being used. Here is a good comparison video for the visual learners (me). 

I ended up getting this accessory kit first off just for odds and ends and I’d say it was well worth the $20. I’ve used almost every piece in the kit and they have held up well. The only suggestion I have for this particular kit is to keep the adjustable selfie stick out of the water…
Black Rock Jump

It got nice and rusty after taking a few dips in the ocean… The poor selfie stick was used for a week straight, off cliffs and waterfalls and it finally started to wear. The saltwater was not kind to this poor item. You live and you learn. 

The next accessory I opted in for after the selfie stick letdown was this Floating Telescoping Pole pictured above. I can’t express to you how much the pole came in handy on a recent trip cliff jumping. At the time I did not have a lanyard attached to the pole to wrap around my wrist. I took the ~25 foot jump and the pole came out of my hand when I hit the water. Panicking that I lost the pole AND GoPro attached, I came up as quickly as possible. When I surfaced, low and behold, there it was, floating right where I let it go. Phew! 
Paradise Jump
Another cliff jumper wasn’t so lucky that day. As he jumped off the higher ~40 foot rock into the water, his GoPro (which he was just holding in his hand it seemed) sank to the bottom of the pool at the base of the cliff. He searched for it, but had no luck before we left. After talking to a few frequent visitors, I came to that conclusion that this Floating Pole was the best investment I had made for my GoPro since numerous people lose theirs to the pool every year. 


They even have third party battery packs which have worked great for me, like the Mibote Battery Set, which comes with a charging dock and 2 extra batteries. These are super handy when you plan on filming a whole day’s activity and are in need of that extra long recording time.

I’m even thinking of getting more than three batteries.. You never know what adventure awaits! 

 Another thing I absolutely love about the GoPro is the quality photos it takes.

Nakalele Group
You can take bad-ass screenshots of super action-y stuff (farther up in article)… and you can even take video selfies and then take screenshots from the video to get the best picture possible. Super handy for group photos with people who don’t want to pay attention.
Waterfall Group Picture

I take my GoPro with me on every adventure, whether it be a short hike with my dog to the reservoir or jumping off cliffs in Hawaii. The GoPro can be used for anyone and everyone‘s particular hobbies.


I love it’s versatility, portability, durability, and all around quality. 


So if you’re like me and you want to chronicle your adventures, I would definitely suggest the GoPro Hero 5 Black. You won’t regret it. 


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