For a while I’ve wanted to start a blog. I have many interests and didn’t know exactly which one to share with the world. What am I absolutely passionate about? What could I write about over and over again?

During my childhood, my family didn’t go on too many vacations. I grew up in a single parent household where there wasn’t much financial wiggle room for vacations. The few vacations I ever went on were with my grandparents, Art and Regina. We would usually go wherever our annual summer McCully family reunions took us, whether it was a Rocky Mountain lake in Colorado, a riverside campground in Idaho, or a forest campground in California. My Grandma Regina (an avid traveler when she was younger) would always add a bit of a touristy touch to the trips. She would make the best out of the chosen family reunion location for the year and plan around that.
Heading Out
In the summer of 2000, a campground by the name of Pine Acres Resort (now Gold Country Campground Resort) in the forest of inland California, was the chosen location for the McCully Reunion. This trip remains the most vivid in my memory. I was nine years old when my sister and I hopped in my grandparents’ fifth wheel and took off toward Utah.
The Great Salt Lake was our first stop on the journey. Stepping out of the truck at the Saltair to the pungent smell of the lake was definitely a memory I’ll never forget. Lake Tahoe and Pine Acres Resort were the next stops. After the family reunion concluded, we headed south to Disneyland, the Pacific Ocean, San Diego Zoo, and Sea World.
Salt Flats
I’m confident this trip sparked my love of traveling and exploring. At this young age, I was fortunate enough to learn there is so much more in the world. There is way more to discover than what the town I grew up in has to offer.  It is something some people never attain: knowing there is more out there.  Going new places and learning new things makes life worth living. The different cultures, even within one country, can vary profoundly.  Diving deep into the life and breath of a city makes understanding more easily attainable. The journey makes me feel alive.  Living a sedentary, stagnant life is not, and will never be, in the cards for me.
Ocean 1
So here it is, folks. My love of traveling put on paper… err… screen for you to enjoy. I hope this blog can help you in some way on your travels and I hope you get as much out of it as I get out of exploring these wonderful places.


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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” –Lao Tzu

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