Meet Sachi Singh, founder and CEO and seaweed's #1 fan

I started Rootless to change the global food system (no big deal right?). I thought: I will just tell everyone how good seaweed is for their health and create a product that makes the health benefits of seaweed easy for all to enjoy. And by doing this, we can all benefit from its impact on people, planet, and communities.

Win-win-win. Easy!

Well…I was wrong.

But an interesting thing started to happen. YOU started to make it easier. You subscribed, ate the Daily Bites regularly, and started to feel noticeable changes in your hormonal, reproductive, thyroid, and gut health - you even helped us complete our first-ever consumer trial.

Healing the root, not the symptoms

Sharing in this space of transformation made it easier for me to reckon with my own health journey. Since my early teens, I have struggled with hormonal acne and was diagnosed with one hormonal disorder after the other – polycystic ovary syndrome, hormonal imbalance, etc. Name a hormonal acne solution, and I’ve tried it. After 15 years on hormonal birth control, an Ayurvedic doctor told me that I was treating the symptoms of my hormone disorder and not the cause. By relying on the healing power of food and seaweed (!), I have truly never felt better.

Three years in, my big dream to change the global food system has gotten even bigger. I want to help a billion women and people reclaim their health, and just feel good in their bodies and identities. And it all starts with one moment, one bite, one ritual, one conversation with yourself, a frond, a family member...

Let’s build the future of healthcare and planetary care, together!

Zero-input crop

Seaweed only requires sunlight and seawater, and it grows faster than land plants, which require added water, pesticides, fertilizer, and more—making seaweed a sustainable long-term nutrition source. It also provides reliable, often year-round livelihood for coastal communities.

Actively heals air and sea

Seaweed draws carbon out of surrounding ocean and air, regenerating and rewilding the ocean, and helping the fight against climate change.