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Fresh To The Last Bite

Our new resealable pouches keep your daily bites as fresh on day thirty as they are on day one. Enjoy one bite a day for increased energy and vitality.

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Home-Compostable Pouches

Made with plant fibers such as wood pulp, beetroot, cassava, and corn starches, our pouches break down naturally in industrial and home compost facilities. Equivalent to the carbon-rich brown items needed for a healthy compost pile, The Daily Bite pouches decompose in your compost in less than 180 days. For faster decomposition, we recommend cutting the pouch zipper into small pieces. Or, toss it in your electric countertop composter with other food scraps!

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The Fine Print

Your shelf stable pouches are made with natural, food grade materials that are healthy for you and the planet. The water-based inks are PFA and laminate free, which means they won't leave any forever chemicals behind in compost or landfill. While our packaging is certified at-home compostable, it is not recyclable and it won’t decompose outside of a home compost or industrial compost facility. Because most biomaterials and bioplastics are unregulated and uncertified, most composting facilities will not accept compostable packaging (shocking, we know!). For this reason we recommend home-composting whenever possible. Before tossing your pouches in the green bin, we recommend confirming that your local industrial compost facility accepts bioplastics.

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