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Refillable Counter Top Tin

Refillable Counter Top Tin

Choose your flavor: Refillable Countertop Tin
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This chic refillable tin looks great on your counter or nightstand and is perfect for keeping your surfaces tidy while the embossed logo reminds you to Live Rootless. 

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Refillable Counter Top Tin
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Refillable Countertop Tin

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The healthiest bite of your day

Regions where people eat seaweed every day have lower incidences of disease and longer lifespans. Plus, studies show that the body absorbs nutrients better through food than through supplements.

Eat one a day, anytime
Boost energy between meetings, pre-workout, or in the afternoon slump
No need to take with food (and no funky vitamin aftertaste!)

Wildly sustainable sourcing

Our USDA-certified organic seaweed grows in the North Atlantic ocean off the coast of Maine. It is sustainably harvested and rigorously lab-tested for quality. In addition to providing reliable livelihood to harvesters and coastal communities, these thriving seaweeds help heal the surrounding ocean by absorbing carbon from the water and air.